Write Smarter Papers

  • Manage deadlines by assigning due dates to documents
  • Co-edit and collaborate with classmates
  • Web-capture online articles as notes
  • Keep notes, tasks & research alongside documents and projects

  • Auto MLA formatting, footnotes & works cited
  • Export to PDF and Word
  • Track document version history
  • Numerous font options & one-click templates

Seize the Power of Web Documents

MindStaq documents are web-optimized to shift the power from your printer to your fingertips & devices— starting with unique URL links that always show the latest version.

  • No more email attachments — Share private links that immediately reflect your edits
  • Read anywhere — MindStaq documents can be accessed from any device
  • Feedback in context — Anyone with the link can add comments & highlight sections
  • Format flexibility — MindStaq web documents are easily exported to PDF & Word

Free Your Mind with Workflow A.I.

MindStaq assists your workflow in order to maximize your mental space. MindStaq tracks your document version history, auto-saves your edits, intelligently suggests where to keep your work, and helps you find it easily. Built-in cloud storage ensures all of your work is kept safe and secure, and always at your fingertips.

Be More Productive with Staqs

MindStaq’s “staqs” give you a clean space to focus on a specific project or topic. They’re intuitive containers where your ideas are captured, polished, stored and shared.

  • Staqs are yours — Create, organize, and name Staqs the way you want
  • Keep content moveable — Move Staqs to other Workspaces, merge, or archive
  • Contain your work — Staqs keep everything you need for whatever you’re working on
  • Collaborate in ‘Team Staqs’ — Co-edit documents and work together on team projects

Make ‘Playlists’ of Content to Organize and Share

MindStaq let’s you store content in ways that make sense to YOU, even if you’re collaborating with others. Using the same concept as a music playlist, MindStaq documents, notes, research, images & media can be organized in endless groups, or ‘Collections’, and then shared with anyone as a unique URL link.

Make Magic with Cards

Cards are powerful individual sections that build MindStaq documents. They contain features and flexibility unheard of in traditional office software.

  • Forget copy/paste — Arrange, duplicate, & reuse the same cards in multiple places
  • Edits, everywhere — Card reuse means editing one card updates them everywhere
  • Excel with more than just text — Capture formulas, graphs, or image galleries
  • Email-able — Share document cards individually, or use them as emails, to anyone

Jump into Work Quickly

MindStaq helps you easily pick up where you left off. With a self-updating dashboard, you can view your most recent documents, tasks, notes, and updates.  A listed view of your personal work and shared projects lets you easily see which items need attention, while tasks can be applied to specific documents and even added to your calendar.

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