MindStaq seamlessly enables the ebb & flow of ideas between documents, tasks, notes, chat messages, emails and more— within a single application.

Write Easier

Document sections can be easily arranged, shared, duplicated, and reused again & again.

Collaborate Faster

Work online and in context with classmates and coworkers - even if they don’t use MindStaq.

Organize Better

Track & organize your work with Ai help and categorize your content with sharable ‘playlists’.

Share Smarter

Unique URLs to your content ensures that people always see the latest version, even on-the-go.

Integrate Everything

Keep related emails, tasks, notes, research files and chat messages alongside documents & projects.

How MindStaq is Different

  • Replace multiple files and email attachments with unique URL links to your content
  • Reuse document cards (sections) again & again— instantly update all cards simultaneously
  • Use Workspaces to keep personal, job, school, or other work separate
  • Keep related notes, tasks, and chat messages alongside documents and projects
  • Allow recipients to export content to their preferred format (PDF and Word)
  • Apply one-click themes and MLA formatting to documents
  • Easily post documents & content to social platforms
  • Instantly update your shared content, without sending more links or emails
  • Preserve Author contribution and history

Improve Your Writing Workflow

MindStaq Documents contain sections called Cards. Share Documents and Cards with anyone as a unique URL

Use Workspaces to connect your organization, or to keep your academic, personal, or other work separate

Staqs are your personal folders. Use Staqs to create & organize documents, associated notes, tasks and files

Team Staqs are shared Staqs. Use Team Staqs to collaborate ideas, co-edit documents, and manage team tasks

Assign Tasks to specific Staqs, Documents, and Team members, or add them to your Calendar

Use Notes to capture your thoughts and
save webpages. Assign Notes to specific
Staqs and Documents

How Mindstaq Works

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