Oct 9

Task Management Software You Can (and will) Use

What’s your go to task management software? If you’re like most, it’s not a software at all but rather post-it notes, paper lists, and maybe even tasks synched to your Outlook calendar. If you’re like a marketing team in may be Basecamp, coming with it fees and incompatibilities with your …

Oct 2

Content Creation Software, Reimagined

For the most part, today’s content creation software is merely a reimagining of productivity before office suites and content creation software even existed?  Especially in terms of content creation software, we literally work with digitized versions of notebooks, filing cabinets, tabbed folders, paper trays, and staplers. And our content creation …

Sep 22

Collaboration Software on Your Terms

Have you ever tried collaboration software to co-edit and/or share a document?  With teams or multiple authors you can use the “track changes” feature or perhaps take the wild west experience with your collaboration software with that feature turned off or using a traditional collaboration software system.  Sometimes if you …

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