Sep 22

Collaboration Software on Your Terms

Have you ever tried collaboration software to co-edit and/or share a document?  With teams or multiple authors you can use the “track changes” feature or perhaps take the wild west experience with your collaboration software with that feature turned off or using a traditional collaboration software system.  Sometimes if you …

Sep 5

Productivity: Time for a Reset

MindStaq started with one simple premise: productivity was badly out-of-step with the rest of the technology and software industry. So what do we mean when we say this? Today, you don’t download MP3 or MP4 files, and launch a media player, to listen to music or watch movies. You don’t …

Aug 31

Choosing a Cloud-Based Productivity Suite That Works for You

As internet speeds increase, so too do the available cloud-based productivity suites. It’s no longer imperative to have the hard drive space to download your applications as your sure to find a cloud-based productivity suite that works and runs great in the cloud. Whether you’re working on your own, as …

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