As internet speeds increase, so too do the available cloud-based productivity suites. It’s no longer imperative to have the hard drive space to download your applications as your sure to find a cloud-based productivity suite that works and runs great in the cloud.

Whether you’re working on your own, as part of a small team, or part of a large enterprise, a cloud-based productivity suite may be a key to you keeping up with the rapidly changing and evolving connectivity.
But does your cloud-based productivity suite work the way you and your team do?  Most cloud-based productivity suites are rooted in old, siloed ways of doing things.  Need to create a document, open Word.  A spreadsheet?  Excel.  But today’s fast-paced multi-faceted work world includes realities that didn’t exist in decades past and therefore not integrated into your current cloud-based productivity suite.

Shouldn’t a cloud-based productivity suite operate the way you do?  Capable of tackling multiple things at the same time, bouncing from email to presentations to spreadsheets and back to a document.  Include the ability to track tasks and set reminders according to projects, individual documents AND or day and time?  And I for one would like to move beyond the MS-DOS commands of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (copy and paste) and get to a cloud-based productivity suite that was smart enough to let me reuse content and correct it globally if I make a change.

MindStaq delivers a new way to think about your cloud-based productivity suite, integrating all of your “office” type applications in one place, integrating with email, messaging, and task management.  It’s a new way to think about a cloud-based productivity suite – instead of one based on the ways they were introduced in the eighties, this new cloud-based productivity suite works the way you think.  Juggling tasks, creation, and communication all in one tidy place, a truly comprehensive cloud-based productivity suite.

MindStaq delivers a cloud-based productivity suite to make individuals and teams work more efficiently… the way we already think!  Don’t hesitate to move all your traditional “office suite” tasks to MindStaq and watch you and your team’s productivity soar.

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