Have you ever tried collaboration software to co-edit and/or share a document?  With teams or multiple authors you can use the “track changes” feature or perhaps take the wild west experience with your collaboration software with that feature turned off or using a traditional collaboration software system.  Sometimes if you are not careful keeping track of versions, good ideas and inputs within your collaboration software can be a task in itself. Without controls put in place by the key author, changes can be made without being able to track them in your collaboration software.  It can be a tad disconcerting using a collaboration software that actually encourages anything but collaboration.

A lot documents need more than merely content creation or editing capabilities on a one-off basis.  As a content creation and collaboration software MindStaq includes collaboration tools into every document, whether you plan to collaborate with others or not because… plans change and you just may need collaboration software!

Collaboration software requirements are different depending on the writer, company, or even the document itself. MindStaq collaboration software enables a range of options: full team collaboration where multiple editors can individually contribute to a single document, instant messaging at the document level where an author may need to simply talk out their ideas with a colleague, the ability to share individual sections (we call these cards) with anyone via email, and the option for recipients to simply add their comments and highlight sections on full drafts.

We call our collaboration software solution “Your-Time Collaboration.” It’s a collaboration software solution that lets team members each edit documents at his/her own pace. At the same time multiple team members’ suggestions are reviewed and accepted or rejected by the document owner.  This creates a collaboration software solution that allows for more time for reflection before sharing or approving changes.

MindStaq’s your-time collaboration software provides control and collaboration in the cloud. It allows for asynchronous collaboration allows for thoughtful, reasoned feedback to be reviewed and considered. MindStaq’s collaboration software enables multiple perspectives to coexist while contribution can lead to a discussion versus a veto. Many can have input into a document, presentation, spreadsheet., etc. but only one “owner” can approve or disallow change.
Try MindStaq’s collaboration software solution today!

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