For the most part, today’s content creation software is merely a reimagining of productivity before office suites and content creation software even existed?  Especially in terms of content creation software, we literally work with digitized versions of notebooks, filing cabinets, tabbed folders, paper trays, and staplers. And our content creation software tools are still, for some reason, optimized for print.
Even with today’s content creation software, copy/paste/edit is so common we even know the DOS prompts (Ctrl-V, Ctrl-P). It’s how many of our “new” documents start – using your content creation software starting with building blocks of content from past documents, proposals, or even notes. And on the rare occasion that you do start in your content creation software with a blank slate, the new document is sure to become a building block for other documents within your content creation software, even if merely for copy/paste of the formatting.Your content creation software tools are still intended for your printer instead of how we consume information today – on a laptop, desktop, or phone. There needs to be a shift to content creation software that caters to the needs of the writer, contributor, and readers. A better way to create documents that made more sense for the way we think, work and communicate today.

MindStaq reinvents content creation software, built for today’s multitasking minds, presenting one platform for unified productivity.  One content creation software solution for notes, tasks, web clipping, instant messaging and document creation creating unified productivity.MindStaq rethinks content creation software, putting content in smaller, reusable sections called “cards” that allow you not only to recycle and repurpose commonly used content and formatting, but also to edit ONCE and deploy across all of your documents.  We’ve all had that “oh no” moment with our content creation software when we find one typo we’ve copied and pasted across multiple documents.  Instead of hunting for every instance of your mistake, MindStaq allows you to correct it once and deploy it globally.  Even better is that the “live” URLs that present MindStaq documents automatically update, instantly correcting documents. We call it micro-editing, a rethinking of how we ourselves are productive while we create, edit, reuse, and even collaborate and share in our content creation software.  Much like popular online content creation and blogging solutions, MindStaq is a content creation software that automatically saves your multiple versions of documents so your brilliant brainstorm from seven or so versions prior isn’t lost!

Try MindStaq and its content creation software today to see how it feels to work the way you think!

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