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Content Management

  • Staqs

    Staqs are where you work and contain your content. Use Staqs to create documents, save notes, schedule tasks, and share content

  • Workspaces

    All accounts start with a single Workspace. Use additional workspaces to better organize different aspects of your life, like work, school, or personal.

  • Collections

    Collections are like “playlists" for your content, where you can organize and group documents, notes and uploaded media in any arrangement you need.

  • 20GB Media & File Storage

    Upload images, PDFs, and media to any Staq or Collection to use or reference throughout MindStaq.

  • Export to PDF & Word

    Export any MindStaq web document to PDF or Word, and allow your recipients to export to these formats too.

Content Creation

  • Web Documents

    Improve document writing with the power of web technology. Easily arrange, share and reuse document sections and embedded media again & again.

  • Notes, Web-Notes & Tasks

    Save web pages as notes using any URL, write traditional notes, create personal or team tasks, and easily access everything while you’re working.

  • Reuse & Duplicate ‘Cards’

    Reuse sections, called Cards, across multiple documents, so that editing one card changes it wherever it is used. Duplicate cards to create an independent copy.

  • One-Click Themes & Templates

    Access a library of one-click document themes & templates, including specific formats like MLA.

  • Embed Images & Media

    Invigorate your documents and communicate more effectively with images, videos, and gifs.

  • Document Version Control

    Access & restore past iterations within every section of your document.


  • Share & Join Staqs

    Join and share Staqs to co-edit documents, view notes & files, and even assign tasks to team members.

  • Collaborate on Documents & Notes

    Review and approve edits on co-edited documents and share notes with team members.

  • Integrate Email

    Connect your email account to sync your calendar and collaborate with contacts.

  • Highlight & Comment on Documents

    Allow recipients & contacts to comment on your documents, and highlight sections for better clarification.

Content Sharing

  • Multiple Ways to Share

    Generate direct web links to share content anywhere, or use your email address to share content & messages with anyone.

  • Website Publishing

    Connect a Wordpress account to MindStaq and instantly post content to your blog.

  • URL Links to Your Content

    Direct, unique URL links to your content automatically reflect edits, so recipients always have the latest version.

  • Password Protection

    Password protect links to your shared content.

  • Share to social media accounts

    Instantly share to your social media accounts for faster feedback on your content & documents.

Task Management

  • Assign Tasks to Team Members

    Assign tasks to anyone working in within shared Team Staqs.

  • Track Tasks by Person or by Project

    Manage team members and their tasks within a single chart view, by day, week, or month, and filter by person or project.

  • Track Risks & Bottlenecks

    Track task completion by hours or percentage, and flag individual tasks with risk assessments.

  • Create Task Groups & Sub-Tasks

    Create groups of tasks with sub-tasks, and ensure they're completed in the order you need.


  • Instant Messaging

    Message your MindStaq contacts and know when they're online.

  • Team Messaging

    Use instant messaging in shared Staqs to communicate with your team and keep conversations in context.

  • Document-Specific Messaging

    Chat alongside specific documents to keep your work & ideas flowing.