Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • URLs replace single or multiple attachments
  • Receive feedback (comments & highlights) on shared documents
  • Password-protect and dynamically update shared content
  • Related tasks, notes, and chat messages are grouped with documents & projects

  • Manage everything you need for projects, categories, etc. in “Staqs”
  • Use the Gantt chart view to manage projects, overcome blockers and stay on schedule
  • Export content to multiple formats including PDF and Word

Collaborate & Communicate Effectively

From co-editing documents to managing team deadlines, ‘Team Staqs’ brings all the components of content, creation, and communication together.

  • Co-edit with others — Use Team Staqs to work on projects with other MindStaq users
  • Final say — Review and approve all edits on team documents
  • Keep people & tasks on track — A shared overview keeps everyone on the same page
  • Adapt your work — Add team members to personal Staqs to create Team Staqs

Work the Way You Think

MindStaq is built to mimic the way we think and work today, both as individuals and teams. Capture all of your thoughts, documents, notes, tasks, and uploaded files in one platform. Manage your calendar and inboxes from the same platform. MindStaq uses A.I. and intuitive design to assist your workflow and maximize your mental space.

Delight Your Recipients & Readers

The MindStaq ‘Reader’ lets you easily share your documents, and even Collections of content, with anyone, within a unique web link that instantly shows your edits.

  • Pinpoint feedback — Recipients can comment or highlight sections of documents
  • Download to PDF or Word — Anyone with the link can convert web documents
  • Share to Social Media — Easily tweet, post, or share Reader links to social channels
  • Track what you read — Save documents to a reading list & see what you recently viewed

Make ‘Playlists’ of Content to Organize and Share

With MindStaq you can store content in ways that make sense to YOU, even if you’re collaborating with others. Using the same concept as a music playlist, MindStaq documents, notes, research, images and media can be organized in endless groups, or ‘Collections,’ and then shared with anyone as a unique URL link.

Make Magic with Cards

Cards are powerful individual sections that build MindStaq documents. They contain features and flexibility unheard of in traditional office software.

  • Forget copy/paste — Arrange, duplicate, & reuse the same cards in multiple places
  • Edits, everywhere — Card reuse means editing one card updates them everywhere
  • Excel with more than just text — Capture formulas, graphs, or image galleries
  • Email-able — Share document cards individually, or use them as emails, to anyone

Jump into Work Quickly

MindStaq helps you & your teams easily pick up where you left off. With your self-updating dashboard, view the most recent documents, tasks, notes, and activity. A sample view of your personal work and shared projects lets you easily see which items need attention, while tasks can be applied to specific documents and assigned to team members.

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