Finding a Microsoft Word replacement has been hard to do since it killed off WordPerfect in the early nineties. Yes, Google Docs has much of the functionality and the price (free) is right when considering a Microsoft Word replacement.

We get it, we’re a team made up of Microsoft vets so for years developing a Microsoft Word replacement was never an aspiration. But when you think about it, Word was a product of Microsoft’s own innovation in seeing that WordPerfect was developed for a disappearing technology in MS-DOS.  More than two decades later we’re left with version upon version of Word simply upgrading itself to take advantage of the technology it was made for, Windows. From the original Windows 97 to the Windows 10, Word has been designed to work well in that platform, Windows platform.

Meanwhile something strange happened along the way while a Microsoft Word replacement failed to emerge – the way we work today has changed in numerous ways. Yesterday’s status quo including working in one siloed application and working on your own on your computer’s hard drive have given way to the cloud and increased needs for collaboration. Sadly, along the way a true Microsoft Word replacement hasn’t existed other than its own legacy cloud application and G-Suite.

The problem is these Microsoft Word replacements do not take into account several things including the fact that as technology has developed, so has our ability (and need) to multitask.  As the years have gone by, we’ve adapted by having one app for notes, another for instant messaging, one for tasks and oh yeah… content creation software like Word. But MindStaq is a Microsoft Word replacement that actually puts all of these needs into one platform. Plus, MindStaq’s “your time collaboration” functionality provides a Microsoft Word replacement unlike Google Docs. Unlike Google’s Microsoft Word replacement, MindStaq allows the document owner to be the arbiter of what changes are appropriate and which are not. Too often legacy application changes can go under the radar either with “track changes” turned off or Google Docs real-time collaboration that allows one person to delete another person’s input.

MindStaq was developed from the ground up as a solution to “work the way you think.” It was never our intention to be a Microsoft Word replacement, yet that’s where the development track took us.  Give it a try!

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