Sep 22

Collaboration Software on Your Terms

Have you ever tried collaboration software to co-edit and/or share a document?  With teams or multiple authors you can use the “track changes” feature or perhaps take the wild west experience with your collaboration software with that feature turned off or using a traditional collaboration software system.  Sometimes if you …

Aug 31

Choosing a Cloud-Based Productivity Suite That Works for You

As internet speeds increase, so too do the available cloud-based productivity suites. It’s no longer imperative to have the hard drive space to download your applications as your sure to find a cloud-based productivity suite that works and runs great in the cloud. Whether you’re working on your own, as …

Aug 22

Taking Task Management Back

Somewhere in the lifecycle of productivity, task management either was never included, or an insufficient solution let to product upon product being developed (Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc.) along the way.  Task management has become separate from the basic office productivity suite and everyone has their favorite solution, be it software …

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