Somewhere in the lifecycle of productivity, task management either was never included, or an insufficient solution let to product upon product being developed (Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc.) along the way.  Task management has become separate from the basic office productivity suite and everyone has their favorite solution, be it software or old-fashioned post-it notes.

But how does an enterprise handle task management? No matter the profession or industry, everyone has multiple deadlines, projects, and professionals they collaborate with.  Ideally a task management software solution is designed to help you and your colleagues manage everything on your plate… but task management requires an additional platform or software solution to keep everything squared away.

Word processing and spreadsheet programs were never designed to help with the task management items that need to be managed including planning, tracking and reporting of tasks as well as calendar capabilities.  I mean, we’ve all tried with a document or a spreadsheet to get ahold of task management… ultimately, inefficiencies lead to the “efficient” choice of selecting a separate task management software solution.  But is this even efficient?  How is yet another platform, program or portal the key to simplifying work life so task management is easy for the givers and receivers of tasks?

Simply searching the internet for the right solution for your own task management needs can prove to be overwhelming. How will you select the right task management solution and then get your entire team up-and-running on it as well as collaborating with other departments and teams? Even the Microsoft machine has misfired when it comes to task management, relying on Project or SharePoint.  Project for task management may seem great on the surface, but just because the task management solution is made by the same company as your word processing and spreadsheet software, does not mean said task management solution actually cleanly integrates with them.  And speaking of messy integration… have you ever tried to deploy SharePoint?  Its an unwieldy intranet that requires expertise and task management to get it up and working in your business!

Clearly finding the right task management software is a task that requires its own task management software!   Instead, try using MindStaq for your projects and task management.  We’ve built a robust solution that is integrated with your document, presentation, and spreadsheet creating office suite!

MindStaq gives you a task management solution that is tightly integrated within your everyday platform, making it easy for you to manage deadlines, assign tasks, and track progress.  Finding the right task management software shouldn’t be a task in itself – try using MindStaq and see how easy task management can (and) should be!

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