What’s your go to task management software? If you’re like most, it’s not a software at all but rather post-it notes, paper lists, and maybe even tasks synched to your Outlook calendar. If you’re like a marketing team in may be Basecamp, coming with it fees and incompatibilities with your office suite. If you’re like more “techie” individuals you may have tried Trello or Asana for task management software but these are separate subscriptions and don’t exactly “talk” to your office suite where you’re spending most of your time.  And if you’re “old school,” your task management software might actually be Microsoft Project.

Why is it after all the software, app, and technology solutions introduced, the most popular task management software is still a pen and paper? Fact is, task management software has before required tackling a new learning curve and sometimes paying more money. What task management software has never done is integrate within your daily content management, messaging, and/or your office suite tools.

MindStaq changes that, putting task management software right where you need it, within your everyday content creation software. As content creation is at the heart of everything we do, it makes sense that your task management software work hand-in-hand with it.

Use MindStaq’s task management software to assign colleagues, peers, subordinates or even yourself tasks with milestones and due-dates that integrate directly to a calendar view. Project managers can keep track of tasks, individuals, and even stumbling blocks with this easy-to-use task management software.
Using MindStaq’s task management software is fast and easy and you can even assign how long something should take as well tracking progress. Anyone you bring into your projects can use this task management software to let you know when they need help and where clockers are appearing.

The best part of using MindStaq as your task management software is truly putting everything at your fingertips, in one intuitive cloud solution. Our minds today are going a million miles an hour, so MindStaq is designed to let you work the way you want, when you need to, even with task management software.

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