In today’s world of apps and innovation – is the best Microsoft Office replacement as simple as the cloud office suite band-aid known as Office 365? Is the best we can do to find an Microsoft Office replacement simply putting the same technologies and capabilities in the cloud? MindStaq offers a new and exciting way to integrate your world in a all-encompassing Microsoft Office replacement that works the way you think today.

The modern office suite’s origins are in the 1980s when word processing, spreadsheets, etc. were first made to work on a computer in a manner that would make sense to the way people thought at the time. This is how we ended up with a file-cabinet filing system as well as , disparate and separate applications for different tasks, and even that handy trash can.

So instead of ever truly developing its own Microsoft Office replacement, Microsoft itself has simply evolved during the past thirty years to become a more bloated version of itself all the while keeping applications separate as an economic reality in spite of the fact that making one environment would make a more suitable Microsoft Office replacement. This process has left the world with a perfectly operable office suite, but one that is still working the way an individual’s mind in the 1980’s worked. MindStaq would suggest, however, that the lines between not only applications and tasks have devolved, but the world of work and personal lives are constantly coexisting as well. The true Microsoft Office replacement will work the way your mind works, not in a manner to maximize profitability.

Rather than simply evolving from a bygone era, MindStaq rethinks the idea of a Microsoft Office replacement to one that is built with today’s world in mind. Today’s Microsoft Office replacement needs to be based on today’s internet world rather than merely adjusting to it. It needs to embrace multitasking and be consumable on screen rather than in print.

As we’ve become more adept at generating content for the Internet, we’ve seen that digitized tools designed for the print era simply are not optimized for today’s digital world. Syndicating content across multiple platforms is a headache, copy/paste operations transfer a myriad of formatting issues from source documents almost without fail, and we are required to be consciously aware of the latest version of whatever we’re working on. The amount of time it takes to find, update, reformat, and share an old document has become such an expected and routine chore that we chalk it up to being part of the workload. MindStaq operates as a truly robust Microsoft Office replacement by bringing document creation, consumption and distribution into the current age. Additional presentation and spreadsheet capabilities are found within ONE application as MindStaq offers a create once, reusability function that goes beyond cut-and-paste and takes changes once and applies them globally. Manage your calendar, tasks, and collaborate from MindStaq as well as not only is MindStaq a Microsoft Office replacement, its capabilities extend to messaging, task management, and much more!

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