MindStaq seamlessly enables the ebb & flow of ideas between documents, tasks, notes, instant messages and more — within a single application.

Everything, Together

Keep related tasks, notes, research files and chat messages all stored alongside documents & projects. Track team tasks, co-edit content, and store all elements of your work together, and accessible to the team.

Unified Productivity

Seamlessly integrate documents, notes, tasks, messages and publishing within a single application — whether you work on your own or collaborate with a team.

Complete Content Lifecycle

Capture ideas as notes or outlines, then create, manage and publish content to blogs & social media accounts, or privately share work with others.

Write Easier

MindStaq introduces Micro-Editing, a new way to create and write documents in small sections called “cards” to make editing, managing, sharing, publishing and content reuse easier, even on mobile devices.

Reuse Document Cards

Reuse document sections called "cards" across multiple documents, so that editing one card changes them everywhere they're used

Automate Styling

Apply one-click themes and templates to your documents again & again to make the work you share, shine — without having to reformat.

Organize Better

MindStaq auto-organizes and intuitively stores content to help you find what you need. Edits, version histories, and media are all saved automatically.

Content Portals

Keep yourself and others organized by creating collections of content that can be shared as a private online portal, where anyone with the link can view documents, notes, images and even third party files

Keep Work Contained

Use Workspaces to connect your organization, or to keep your academic, personal, or other work contained, separately.

Collaborate Smarter

Work with others simultaneously on documents and projects, without interference – online, offline, and in context. Co-edit documents, manage team tasks, and
use chat to keep work and ideas flowing.

Your-Time Collaboration

Work in a team that edits documents at an individual pace while multiple team members contribute, allowing for more time for reflection before sharing changes.

Approve Contributions

Document owners can approve edits submitted in collaborative documents and see exactly what's been changed collectively.

Publish & Share Your Content

Connect WordPress (and soon Medium.com accounts) with MindStaq to instantly post content in blogs. Instantly publish URL-linked content to social media accounts for faster communication.

Content URL Links

Unique links to your content & document ensure that people always see the latest version. MindStaq's “reader” is optimized for seamless sharing, allowing recipients to read content & comment on-the-go.

Safe & Secure

Intrinsic Blockchain technology applies author-verification to assure the integrity of your content and documents — within every version.

Maximize Team Productivity

Easily assign tasks to your team members and manage their tasks within a single chart view — by day, week, or month — and filter by person or project.

Advanced Task Management

Create groups of tasks with required sub-tasks to ensure they're completed in the order you need. Track task completion by hours or percentage, and be informed of risks & bottlenecks.

Manage Work Efficiently

Link tasks to specific projects and documents. Attach third party files and images to tasks, and add descriptions & status, to keep project management clear.

More Productivity in One Easy Place

MindStaq uses next-generation technology to break the confines of traditional office suites. Sign up for Free today and let your work flow wherever your mind goes.

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